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For basic computer learners, it is essential to know the initial computer terms first. They should start their learning process from simple and easy steps. Cut copy and paste is a common term for many computer users. For example, when you have been researching information on a topic, say “Computers basics”, you can easily save this text by using copy and paste button given in application software files. Lets learn how to copy, cut and paste the text while using some built-in computer button.

Cut, Copy, And Paste? – Computer Basic Tips and Tricks

Referring to the example stated earlier, you are researching on “computer basics”. You have selected two three articles written on this topic and started reading them through. If you want to use this information in your lecture notes or for information purpose, you must save it in your word doc file so that you can use them in case of any need.

1. Open up a Word Document and go back to the first page you read; you think the first paragraph stands perfect for an introduction and you simply take your cursor to the beginning of the first paragraph, click on it. Keep holding the button and drag it till the end of the paragraph and then release the mouse button. Your dragging will give you a highlighted paragraph.

2. Right click on the highlighted paragraph and select the option of “Copy” or you can use a keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+C.

3. Go to the Word Document you opened and then right click on the empty body of the document and select “Paste”. You can also simply use the keyboard shortcut for pasting; i.e. Ctrl+V.

This is normally the procedure to save text when you’re picking it off the net. There is another instance, where you might have to select the entire text and then paste it on a brand new Word document. How do you do that?

1. For example, you want paste something on your blog; you simply open up the document from where you pick the text. Select the text from the first paragraph just like you did it in the previous case; click on your mouse and press on the button and drag it till the end of the document.

2. Right click on the selection (in this case the whole document) and select the option of “copy”. To select the entire text you can also use a keyboard shortcut of “Ctrl+A” and then to copy you can use the shortcut “Ctrl+C”.

3. Go on to your blog and use the shortcut “Ctrl+V” or right click on the space and select paste, it will display your text in the blog page.
This is how cut, copy and paste functions often work in different situations.

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