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Keyboard shortcut
When it comes to the computer keyboard, many people view it as a typing only device. People do not know that a keyboard holds a lot of shortcuts and controls in its keys. These shortcuts help you in accessing whatever you want within a jiffy. With a touch of a button you can go straight to an internet browser, music player or documents. You can do a lot with these shortcuts including skipping or going to a previous song in your media player.

Simple Keyboard Shortcuts For Beginners – Computer Basic Tips and Tricks

The F-key
When you look at your keyboard, there is a row of numbered F-keys at the top. Most people do not really use these keys. For this reason, Logitech decided to make use of them in popular applications. People now use them as shortcuts to perform different tasks. You can use F-keys in Microsoft word or in Microsoft Excel and in any other application that allows the use of the F-keys. To shift your applications or tasks all you have to do is press the appropriate F-key. You will need to hold down the F key that is near the space bar. When you press the F-key, it is meant for the task you want to perform.

Hot keys
Around the edge of your keyboard there are usually several hot keys. They perform tasks like taking you to your mails, sound control, launching of different software and skipping or going to previous songs or photos.

Available keyboard shortcuts
Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts that will ease up and increase your speed in whatever you are doing with your computer. However, the shortcuts are strictly designed for Microsoft Windows operating system based applications. You should therefore note that these shortcuts may not work with other applications

The following are shortcuts in a word-processing document:

Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel – It will zoom in and out by changing the percentage of the view of the document.
Ctrl + C – Copy.
It will automatically place any highlighted information on the window and places in on the clipboard.
Ctrl + X – Cut
Removes any highlighted or selected copy and places in on the clip board.
Ctrl + V – Paste.
It will insert the copy on the clipboard on your document where you have selected or where your flashing cursor is located.
Ctrl + Z – Undo
It will undo your last command like copying, pasting or deleting.
Ctrl + Y – Redo
It will redo your last command
Ctrl + O – Open
Open the browser and enables opening of files.
Ctrl + P
It will avail the print window.
Ctrl + N
It will create a blank new document.
Ctrl + A
It will select all items in your current page.
Ctrl + S
This saves the file that you are working on.
Ctrl + F
It will show up the find and replace window.
Ctrl + B
Bolds up your text
Ctrl + I
Converts your text to italics
Ctrl + U
It will underline your text.

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